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  • Give me six hours to chop down a tree
    and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

    Abraham Lincoln
  • A command post is no place to exchange business cards.

  • The image behind this text is of Westmont burning. The 2008 Tea Fire destroyed eight campus buildings, a million square feet of landscape, and 200 neighboring homes.

    November 13, 2008
  • When the time to respond has come, the time to prepare is gone.

    Sherry Colgan-Stone, EdD (colganstone.com)
  • Westmont College formed the eastern boundary of the Tea Fire you see in the background. Fifteen faculty homes were demolished. It cost over $50 million to replace the college's lost buildings.

    November 13, 2008
  • Plans are nothing. Planning is everything.

    Attributed to Dwight Eisenhower
  • By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.

    Benjamin Franklin
  • Because Westmont had planned and trained for wildfire, there were no human casualties. Over 800 people sheltered in our gym as the wind-driven flames raged to within 10 feet of the building.

    November 13, 2008
  • A man who does not think and plan long ahead
    will find trouble right at his door.

  • Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.

    Winston Churchill

Who's behind this

Westmont College (Santa Barbara CA) and
Troy Harris, Asst VP for Institutional Resilience


Troy Harris

Higher Education Emergency Management Practitioner

Troy Harris developed the college’s wildfire response plan, which is credited with saving the lives of students and employees in the Tea Fire of 2008, as 100 foot flames fed by 70 mph winds devoured eight campus buildings and over a million square feet of campus landscape—with zero human casualties. More than 200 neighboring homes were destroyed, including 15 owned by faculty members.

Some 800 people hunkered down in the gym …

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Sean DeForest

Product Development Coordinator

Sean graduated from Westmont in 2012 with degrees in Economics & Business and Spanish. He had a key role in the technical underpinnings behind the upgrade to Version 2.0, and has been helping educate other schools about what FrameworkEd can do for them.

Sean expects to earn his EMT certification in June 2014 with the eventual goal of becoming an physician’s assistant in emergency medicine. Sean also enjoys hiking, fishing and …

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Westmont College

501c3 Non-Profit

Westmont College is a private, four-year, residential Christian liberal arts college with a global perspective. With its selective 1,350-student population, it is consistently ranked in the top 100 liberal arts schools nationally.

Westmont operates the íntegReady non-profit venture as a service to, and for the benefit of, the higher education community. It charges a modest subscription fee to underwrite the costs of developing, hosting, maintaining, updating, enhancing and supporting the endeavor.

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Pricing & Terms & Etc

Our introductory pricing model is on a sliding scale (by headcount) annual subscription basis. And our Terms of Use are available for your review.

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And here are some more interesting tidbits...

Version 3 Announced

We’re excited to unveil the all-new (“from the ground up”) platform for the íntegReady planning tool. Using the amazing capacity of the Smartsheet ecosystem, schools can now track and delegate tasks, coordinating the work of all who are contributing to the effort.

Checklists for each Topic, and each Standard, will be available to guide practitioners thru the maze of tasks involved, yielding optimal project progress.

Other improvements include a very slick way …

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All Sizes & Types of Schools

íntegReady can help the smallest school play with the big kids. And it contains ample richness of content to offer meaningful value to the largest schools that already have sophisticated plans in place. It can be used by privates, publics, 2-years, 4-years, grad schools, teaching hospitals, and even K-12 schools.

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Site Security

Login Access

Your local administrator will be able to add, edit and remove users. The system enforces the use of strong passwords.

Secured Page Content

Sensitive content within a given page can be further restricted, requiring another layer of authentication to become visible.

High-security Cloud Document Storage

All of your non-html documents (Word, Excel, etc) should be maintained on separate remote servers, enabling multiple authentication layers. Not even the FrameworkEd super-admins are able to access …

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A Terrific Consulting Tool

íntegReady is ideally suited for emergency planning consultants to help them get clients rapidly ramped up, and in a manner that is consistent across all of their schools. They can help clients with the confidence factor by showing that their plans will be comprehensive and standards-oriented.

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UCC Standards Connection

Troy Harris serves as chair of the Standards Committee for the University & College Caucus of the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM-UCC). The committee adopted the allocation of the plan standards elements at the Category level (what íntegReady calls the Ten Steps to Ready), and then íntegReady further parsed each standard to apply it to its corresponding Topic among the 35 Topics.

Committee members have included:

Troy Harris, Chair, Westmont College, …

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Collaboration Resources

Take advantage of two highly useful resources available at no cost.

1) Disaster Resilient Universities (DRU) Listserv

Subscribe to the listserv and join a community of hundreds of higher education emergency management practitioners. You can pose questions and receive input from seasoned professionals, and from others in the same boat who are glad to collaborate with you on solutions. There is no charge to join, and you …

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